“Classic In The House” is the first project of Maria Karakusheva with which she marked the beginning of a series of unusual combinations of classical and contemporary music. The pianist and the award winning DJ Borra followed the ambitious goal to take the classics outside the concert halls and make them available for everyone – from the biggest classical music fans to those who are just beginning to discover its beauty.



“Classic In The Jazz” is not just the second project in the biography of Maria Karakusheva. It marks the next step on her path as an artist in search of herself. While developing her style as a pianist, Maria met different people who inspired her. One of them was the jazz musician Momchil Atanasoff, with whom she had the idea for this project. 

The virtuous pianists surprised the audience with original arrangements, complemented by an attractive theatrical performance. Behind the success of “Classic In The Jazz” also stand the bassist Anton Piperov and the drummer Deyan Iliev. Together, they created an avant-garde music format, mixing great classical and jazz works – dialogical, with mood swings and two basic ideas – to entertain and to remind the audience of the best of these two styles.

Among the works, arranged specifically for the project, are classics of French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau, German classicist Ludwig van Beethoven and Russian genius Modest Mussorgsky.

In the summer of 2016 Maria accepted to take perform in the greatest Bulgarian jazz festival A to JazZ. Togather with the group they played a gig with new compositions.



Grace on Air is a charming idea of how modern music is refracted through the prism of classical melodies. The pianist teamed up with opera singer Plamena Girginova and arranged well-known tracks by Nirvana, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in a very new and different way. The result was a very beautiful combination of classical music, which was served as the the perfect background for Plamena’s enchanting coloratura soprano. That way the well-known songs acquired a whole new sound in the form of opera arias. 

The project was so successful that only a few months later the duo performed for a second time with a completely new program. “A dream within a dream” reunited Maria and Plamena, but this time the duo shared the stage with guest musicians. Together they performed many favorite songs and surprised the audience with a very interesting version of The Verve and Depeche mode’s tracks.

Maria Karakusheva has always loved experimenting with different styles, and seemingly incompatible music combinations have never stopped her. Her courage and her innovative mindset remove any style barrier, creating a new musical dimension to old classics. That way Maria gives new life to long established great works, transforming them with her impeccable sense for timeless classics.