Enlightening” – A Musical Odyssey into the Heart of Maria Karakusheva

Maria Karakusheva, the visionary Bulgarian composer and pianist, invites the world to embark on a mesmerizing journey with her latest composition and enchanting music video, “Enlightening.”

“Enlightening” is more than just music; it’s a captivating audio-visual experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional artistry. Maria Karakusheva’s relentless pursuit of the intersection between classical and contemporary music has once again yielded an awe-inspiring creation. The accompanying video, set in the breathtaking landscapes of exotic Madagascar, is a testament to her ceaseless creativity and originality.

The video for “Enlightening,” unveiled for the first time this fall, takes us on a visual and auditory journey through the natural beauty of Madagascar. Deeply emotional and rich in symbolism, “Enlightening” reflects Maria’s belief that music is a magical language that can connect with our deepest emotions. Each note in her compositions resonates with the triumph of the human spirit, often drawing inspiration from her own life experiences. Notably, a year ago, Maria and her team presented “Nine,” a composition inspired by her journey into motherhood.

Intriguingly, the production of “Enlightening” involved an all-local crew and featured a special guest appearance by Miss Madagascar 2019, Valerie Binguira Anne. Valerie’s professionalism and dedication shone as she traveled to various exotic locations with her one-year-old daughter, contributing to the video’s enchantment.

“Enlightening” takes viewers on a magical journey where the lines between reality and dreams blur. Six awe-inspiring locations come to life in the video, each carefully selected to enhance the dreamlike quality of the experience. The video raises a tantalizing question in the minds of the viewers – is this reality or a dream, and the choice of locations only amplifies this enigma.

The mystique and energy of Madagascar add a sought-after element to the video. Maria and her team filmed this captivating piece in just a few days, embracing the challenge of Madagascar’s unique logistical complexities. The video showcases over five natural and authentic locations, capturing the island’s beauty and vibrant energy. The team’s dedication and hard work are evident in their long journeys by land and water, traveling from the capital, Antananarivo, and surrounding areas to Nosy-Be and further by speed boat to Nosy Iranja. Maria even entrusted a local Malagasy fashion designer to curate the attire for her heroine, adding an authentic touch to the video’s aesthetics.

Maria Karakusheva’s connection with Madagascar was transformative. She described it as an adventure, saying, “You have to experience Madagascar for yourself, immerse yourself in the local culture to truly understand its essence.” Her initial worries about relying on an unfamiliar local team dissolved after their first meeting, leading to new friendships and a desire to return for future projects.

The video’s narrative unfolds like a short, magical film, where the main heroine, Valerie, falls asleep and awakens in various enchanting landscapes, each time connected by the ethereal sounds of Maria Karakusheva’s music. The video’s mystical quality leaves the ending open to interpretation, inviting viewers to explore their own perceptions.

“Enlightening” is a testament to Maria Karakusheva’s dedication to her artistry and her passion for pushing artistic boundaries. It is an invitation to embark on a magical journey through her music and the breathtaking landscapes of Madagascar, where the lines between dreams and reality blend seamlessly, leaving the interpretation to the beholder.

Producer: Maria Karakusheva
Composer: Maria Karakusheva
Pianist: Maria Karakusheva

Director: Lalarison Riccardo Cassidi
Video editing: Bohós Topakbashian
Color corrections: Nikolay Kirkov

Recording Engineer: Krasi Todorov
Mastering Engineer: Ivan Shopov

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