Maria Karakusheva presented her latest single NINE and the video for it, inspired by her experience into motherhood.

After the official premiere of the video for the composition Nine she is going to perform a special piano recital on December 4, at Sofia Live Club.

NINE is not only the perfect cycle that ends with the appearance of a new being but also the name of a music project - a single and a video that poetically celebrates Maria's first steps in motherhood. The music is for solo piano, was composed in the ninth month of Maria's pregnancy, and symbolizes the birth of new life. For the video, the leading thing was the recreation of a space close to that of the womb, and in this case. Maria expands the horizon and invites fans of music and the miracle of life into the vast expanse of the universe. 


The video for the single was shot by one of Maria's favorite photographers - Encho Naydenov.  


Nine is Maria's recent creative collaboration with the Bulgarian music producer and DJ Ivan Shopov, with whom she also worked on her previous album Hearteclipse, in which the magical 9 is again present - these are the compositions included in the music project.

Sale of tickets for the concert: https://bit.ly/3EA3YtV



"I’ve been performing on stage since I was six years old. I leave part of myself on every stage I’ve been on. There are no days off. There are no distractions. You might say live performance is one of my missions."

I quickly found my calling and began playing the piano at the age of 5. I have numerous honors from international piano competitions in Bulgaria, France and Italy.


My music skills go all the way from baroque to contemporary classical, but I love to mix all kind of genres - classical music with house and jazz, classical adaptations of pop and rock songs and so on.

My first project, "Classic In The House", marked the beginning of a series of unusual combinations of classical and contemporary music. It was followed by “Classic In The Jazz” and "Grace on Air".


I have been composing my own contemporary classical music and I released my first solo album for piano and string orchestra - Hearteclipse.





Hearteclipse is an album of music without words. I wrote nine stories with messages for everyone - from the world inside me to the farthest point I can think of - "Two light years" from here ... This is my experience of self-awareness and the challenge to reveal my soul. The piano and string orchestra plays the whole palette of emotions and feelings I have experienced, their contrast and unexpected twists - my heart eclipses.

Hearteclipse is a completed entity. A classical album with music without words in form of works for piano and string orchestra. The beginning of my path as a composer. The result of long gone and overwhelmed inner self-convictions and fears. 


I've lived a long time with these stories, wherein hidden messages from my cosmos flicker. Their mission is to change the world of others, who will live within this music. They trespass, they fly across the Universe in order to reach the furthest parts possible, where everything is connected.


The Hearteclipse Live! project is an audio-visual experience that will turn the public's perception of classical music. Hearteclipse Live! uses a modern approach to set design, choreography and directing, but at the same time the ageless concept like the classical one.

The visual environment of the performance will be generated as a collage of captured video footage, 2D painted digital animation, 3D renders, interactive media design, live video and light effects. Heart eclipse Live! is really more than just a classical concert.

One of the most popular Bulgarian electronic musicians - Ivan Shopov, well known for his projects Balkansky and Cooh, will be a guest performer in the second part of the concert. With the special participation of Quarto Quartet - The Chamber Musicians of Sofia and the visual artist Petko Tanchev.


We all have our points of balance and it's our own mission in life to get to know them and use them as we should. Only then we become ourselves. Lagrange points is a composition based on what I am, what I can and should be. Music, family, love, the stage - these are the things that shape me.


Listen to this composition and remember that loving and being loved is the most precious thing we have in life. Love is Art. Love is the universal art that all of us can master in perfection. "Love is Art" is music for the love which becomes remembering, part of yourself and even more.


Only the mentioning of the midnight tunes of the sea is more than a movement for me - the beach, the sound of the waves and the crickets which run under the skin and drag one's mind and heart back to that place. In such a particular evening in Greece, "Cassiopeia" was brought to life. The piano, the porch, and the view to the waters on midnight made me create something special with my mind and body, to form different images through my imagination.


Two Light Years is among the closest to my heart tracks in the album Hearteclipse. The theme emerged after one of my deepest heart eclipses and only after 2 years (albeit not light ones) did I manage to go back to it and create this special piece - a memory for myself.


Blue Moon" expresses the notion that nothing is final, that the Universe, through examples, convinces us in the existence of beautiful miracles and endless possibilities - for new beginnings and second chances. As long as we believe in ourselves and the stardust from which we are made anything is possible, even a second great love.

(6) RAIN

Falling raindrops - a genuine sound closer to music than just a noise. The peculiar experience of such moment led to "Rain". With its grace it reminds us of the beauty in the world around us. Rain is a metaphor which invites this beauty in our heart. When was the last time you listened to the falling rain drops without hurrying, without worrying about the everyday tasks?

(7) ASH

Not long ago I realized that there are way more important and bigger things in life than us. Back then I stubbornly refused to accept a concrete reality, which brought me pain, sorrow, wrath and intolerance towards evil, done by the human. All this turn "Ash" into a symbol of these emotions and our connection with nature - the most genuine thing in the Universe.


The composition of "Red Planet" was a sleepless night in my life which I would never forget. A chapter where the unhumanly persistent idea did not let me rest until it was completed with the first glimpses of the sunrise. I still recall it - the silent balcony, the still visible pale Moon, the morning Sun reminding of itself.....the whole cosmos in one. That was the particular moment when I realized I want to create my own music and that every stumbling, bump, and obstacle along the way are worth it.


We are not perfect and I think this is wonderful. Nobody lives entirely in darkness or light. Some of us are looking for truths in ourselves, or are open to seeking them out, others are trying to do both. No matter what we all live with our doubts, fears, hopes, dreams, and love. Solaris brings the intransitive beauty of the clаssical sounding. A beam of light in the heart eclipse... Hope, like music, is eternal.


Classic In The House” is my first project with which I marked the beginning of a series of unusual combinations of classical and contemporary music. The award-winning DJ Borra and I followed the ambitious goal to take the classics outside the concert halls and make them available for everyone – from the biggest classical music fans to those who are just beginning to discover its beauty.


Classic In The Jazz” is not just my second project. It marks the next step on my path as an artist in search of myself. While developing my style as a pianist, I met different people who inspired me. One of them was the jazz musician Momchil Atanasoff, with whom I had the idea for this project. 

We surprised the audience with original arrangements, complemented by attractive theatrical performance. Behind the success of “Classic In The Jazz” also stand the bassist Anton Piperov and the drummer Deyan Iliev. Together, we created an avant-garde music format, mixing great classical and jazz works – dialogical, with mood swings and two basic ideas – to entertain and to remind the audience of the best of these two styles.

Among the works, we arranged specifically for the project, are the classics of French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau, German classicist Ludwig van Beethoven and Russian genius Modest Mussorgsky.

In the summer of 2016, we accepted to perform in one of the best Bulgarian jazz festivals A to JazZ. Together with the group, we played a gig with new compositions.


Grace on Air is an idea of how modern music is refracted through the prism of classical melodies. I teamed up with opera singer Plamena Girginova and arranged well-known tracks by Nirvana, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani,  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ed Sheeran in a very new and different way. The result was a very beautiful combination of classical music, which was served as the the perfect background for Plamena’s enchanting coloratura soprano. That way the well-known songs acquired a whole new sound in the form of opera arias. 

The project was so successful that only a few months later we performed for a second time with a completely new program. “A dream within a dream” reunited Plamena and myself, but this time the duo shared the stage with guest musicians. Together we performed many favorite songs and surprised the audience with a very interesting version of The Verve and Depeche mode’s songs.

We had 5 concerts and we presented more than 20 pieces.



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